Young actors need to be more focused, feels Shahbaaz Khan

Shahbaaz Khan

Shahbaaz Khan is currently seen in Sony Entertainment Television’s Dekha Ek Khwaab as Maharaj Brijraj Singh and Zee TV’s Afsar Bitiya as Tuntun Singh. The actor has been associated with acting for nearly two decades now.

Apparently the actor is working with many youngsters in both these shows and enjoys working with them. “The atmosphere on sets is extremely good and jolly,” Shahbaaz tells

He further says, “Ashish Kapoor and Priyal Gor (both from Dekha Ek Khwaab) are good actors and they do full justice to their roles. And at times, I guide them. On the personal front, I love the way Kinshuk Mahajan (Afsar Bitiya) acts. He is one of the most dedicated actors I have seen.”

The TV industry is full of young actors and Shahbaaz feels that many of them gain fame with one show, but sadly do not see success again. “Many young actors do nothing after one-two serials, because they lack passion. Agreed, they are good and extremely hardworking, but they are not focused. They need to keep their eyes open and constantly learn as much as they can. This will help them become better actors than they are,” he opines.

Coming from a veteran like you, this advice will surely be put to use by the younger lot.

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