Saas Bina Sasuraal: Will Nani's kadha get Toasty out of coma?

Toasty is showing no signs of improvement. Only recently Tej got excited to see her open her eyes for a while. But all his spirits were dampened when doctor told them that such things do happen in a state of coma.

The Chaturvedis are every now and then realising Toasty's importance in the house. Nani believes that her ayurvedic kadha will help Toasty recover, so she asks the family to give her one chance. Everyone is hesitant thinking about how Nani's kadha had side effect to Malti.

Nani keeps insisting, so Tej agrees to give her a chance and lets Nani give Toasty the kadha.

Will Nani’s treatment help Toasty recover from coma and save her life?

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