Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki: Lakshmi gets some hint about Aditi and Aakash (10-04-2012)

Vinod and Saraswati get tensed thinking how Lakshmi will react. But Vinod somehow convinces her. At the same time, Vishal enters and asks Saraswati sarcastically, how long they will hide the truth from Lakshmi. How long they will keep acting in front of her?

Saraswati is lost thinking. The next day, Mehndi ceremony begins. Lakshmi's mehndi cones get over and Kishori bua asks Vishal to get more cones. This annoys him and he leaves from there.

Aakash is getting a mehndi tattoo done on his arm resembling the letter A and all his friends start teasing Aditi and Aakash. Hearing this, Lakshmi gets some idea and she picks up a cone and leaves. What is Lakshmi upto?

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