Revealed: Vikas Bhalla's mature look in Uttaran

Vikas Bhalla

Uttaran went through a major conceptual change when it took a leap of 18 years and now, the story revolves around Tapasya’s and Ichcha’s daughters, Mukta (Sreejita De) and Meethi (Tina Dutta) respectively. Now, the character of Veer Singh Bundela (earlier played by Nandish Sandhu) post leap will be played by hot and handsome, Vikas Bhalla. He will be seen as a 45 year old business tycoon and sport a moustache.

“My look is the brainchild of my producer Rupali Guha (FilmFarm Productions) and Prashant Bhatt (Colors’ Fiction Head). They have been instrumental in creating this look and I was pretty convinced with it,” shares Vishal with

So what about donning a mature look and playing the role of a father? “I took up this show without hesitating because I liked the character. The show is a popular one and of course, as mature Veer I will get to explore a lot as an actor,” he goes on to state.

On replacing Nandish he says, “When Nandish played Veer he was playing a 20-25 year old man. But I will be seen as a 45 year old man. So people do change with age and their behaviour pattern and thinking also change. Audience will get to see a more evolved and emotional Veer.”

He further shares, “I did go through a few episodes of Uttaran to get the hang of things. And I did study the profiles of some real life business tycoons like Ratan Tata. I have tried to imbibe their body language.”

As per our source Vikas’s entry will be aired tonight (12 April 2012), and he will be shown returning from US from a business trip. After coming back he will see his son Yuvraj (Saurabh Raj Jain) partying at home and he will enter into an argument with him.

Well Vikas, all the best and may fans love you as Veer in Uttaran!!!

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