Full Episode: Chaturvedis meet the Ahluwalias and the Ahujas in Saas Bina Sasural and Parvarrish

It seems to be the season of crossover episodes. We already wrote an article on Pavitra Rishta and Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli merging their storylines, it’s turn of Saas Bina Sasural (Optimistix) and Parvarrish (DJ’s A Creative Unit) to churn out a crossover episode.

Now, the Ahluwalia and the Ahuja families will decide to go to Mumbai on a holiday. Everyone will visit Chowpatty, near Marine Lines, and make mirth on the beach. But suddenly Sunny (Rakshit Wahi) will enter into a fight with her sisters. His mom Pinky (Rupali Ganguly) will scold him and tell him to go and play somewhere else. However, at the end of the day everyone will get back home leaving Sunny all alone.

Sunny will be seen all scared and crying in fear when Chedilal Chaturvedi (Darshan Jariwala) will locate him. He will enquire about Sunny’s whereabouts and on not finding his parents, will take the child to his home.

Once at home, he will continue to cry and when asked what he would like to eat, he will reply chicken burger. But the Chaturvedis are pure vegetarians, so they will take the child out to buy him a burger.

In the mean time, suddenly the Ahluwalis and the Ahujas will realise that Sunny has gone missing. They will search for him and eventually lodge a police complaint. Furthermore, Jeet (Vishal Singh) and Lovely Singh (Vivek Madan) will go on a bike to search Sunny and see the child with Ved (Rishi Khurana) and Pashupatinath Chaturvedi (Rajendra Chawla).

Lovely and Jeet will accuse the Chaturvedis of kidnapping Sunny. In the entire drama, Pashupatinath will take Sunny along with him and Jeet and Lovely will kidnap Ved in order to settle scores. Ved will try to explain the situation but due to his mon vrath, he will not utter words. Hence, he will write on a piece of paper about Sunny’s whereabouts. Finally, after some more drama the families of Saas Bina… and Parvarrish will meet at a temple and Sunny will get back to his parents. All in all, it will be a happy ending after a lot of hue and cry.

We contacted Aishwariya Sakhuja (who plays Toasty in Saas Bina) and she said, “Yes, we are shooting together but I cannot reveal much. But there is a lot of confusion and chaos in store for the viewers.”

Rakshit’s real life dad, Navin said, “Yes, Sunny is busy shooting and he is enjoying a lot with the families of both the shows.”

We also contacted Namrata, who plays Dolly in Parvarrish, and she said,” It is fun to shoot with the kids. They are really smart and adorable.”

This particular one hour maha episode will air tomorrow 13 April 2012

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