Pooja Misrra photo shoot for PETA Photos

We spotted the petulant babe in an outrageously garish avatar. The Bigg Boss famed bimbette is one for the birds…literally!

Watch out for those shocking pink fake eyelashes, the gaudy pout and the distastefully designed outfit. This is Pooja Missra at her worst! It’s been quite some time since the belligerent babe made a noise and this time around she comes out screaming her patent catch-phrase: ‘Spare Me!’ But before we started unleashing our verbal tirade against those tacky drapes, that itsy-bitsy scallop skirt and Pooja’s equally obnoxious attitude, we did a double take. And guess what? We were sweetly surprised by the stand Pooja adopted on a rather serious issue.

The gung-ho gal donned that ‘interesting’ outfit for the organisation ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’, PETA. The photo shoot was thought up as a campaign against putting birds in cages and the Missra girl did more than what was needed to spread awareness amongst the masses. Now that we think is a good cause, Pooja, and you rightfully deserve a fair bit attention that comes your way. Wink, wink!

Source: http://wikinewforum.com/showthread.php?t=498409#.T4PEZdlyxJE

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