Laxman, oops Laxmi, dumped me for my dad

Kabir Bedi and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Laxmi and I met at the Bigg Boss house (season 5) and since then have been good friends. Now, many don’t know that whenever Laxmi meets me, she becomes Laxman (wink wink). What am I talking about? Well, in the house she talked to the men with all feminine gestures, but the moment I came in front of her, she used to switch her sexuality, and say in a seductive manly voice, “Hello, darling. You are beautiful.”

It was funny and I took it as a compliment. Now, one day she came to my house to propose me. But the moment she saw my daddy (Kabir Bedi) she forgot about me and started wooing him. And when I asked what about me, she said, “Mamma loves you, baby.” It was too funny.

And that is not it. When Parveen (Kabir’s wife) came near Laxmi she called her “sautan” and said “tere haath ka shakkar bhi zeher hai” with all her exciting gestures. And Parveen was like, “What?’ and I said, “Just relax, this is Laxmi for you. This is the way she behaves.”

Actually, it was all in jest and I really respect Laxmi for she has her heart in the right place. So, today, as a guest editor at, I decided to talk about this wonderful woman.

And as every story goes with a quote, I decided to call her and this is what she had to say, “I love you, Pooja (laughs). You are a wonderful woman. You are an epitome of feminism. And know what? I will love you more than Akashdeep Sehgal (laughs).”

(Well, media has created such a stir regarding me and Sky’s relationship. I want to clarify that we are just very good friends. There’s nothing beyond it. My father keeps saying to “live in today”, hence I don’t care what people have to opine, I am just enjoying my friendship with Sky).

Okay, moving on. Here’s more on what she said, “Mr Bedi is one of the few men in the entertainment industry whom I have loved so much. Any woman will fall in love with him. He has an awesome personality.”

Laxmi, I will convey your compliment to my daddy and when it comes to you, I must tell that you are lovely, gracious and wonderful. Keep smiling!!!

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