Prerna Wanvari is enjoying her extra-marital affair

Prerna Wanvari

Indian television over the years has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, it churns out content which is more intense, diverse and of course, mature. Now, lot of drama has been unfolding in Colors’ Parichay. Kunal’s (Sameer Soni) sister Raveena (Prerna Wanvari) has been depicted as a person who is very emotional in nature. She is married to Vikram (Deepak Sandhu), but also has feelings for her ex-boyfriend Rohit (Karam Rajpal).

Such will be her dilemma that she will not be sure what she really wants in life and from her beaus. While she will be with Vikram, she will think about Rohit and vice versa. But whatever be the scenario in Parichay, Prerna is thoroughly enjoying the extra-marital track.

“Currently I am enjoying my extra-marital affair (laughs). I am getting to play so many shades. I am not negative in the show. But I am grey. I am exploring innocence, vulnerability and marriage with a clear and simplistic husband,” said Prerna.

But Raveena is yet to get physical with her ex-boyfriend Rohit, “Yes, the cheating in the daily soap is not an out-and-out affair or out-and-out cheating. It is an emotional cheating as in spite of being married I am in love with some other man. Personally, I believe emotional cheating is worse than one night stands. But both are tragic and terrible,” she went on to say.

We understand, Prerna. She finally ended by sharing this thought with her fans, “I have heard that the industry is rife with affairs and 98% marriages are riddled with infidelity. I am only three years young in this industry and I find it mind- bogglingly shocking and it takes me away from all the fairytales (about perfect marriage) my mother read to me. However, unlike my character (Raveena), who doesn’t think twice before cheating on her husband, I am more determined than ever to live the fairytale life I have been brought up to believe in.”

Very noble thoughts, Prerna. Keep it up!!!!

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