Krishna to face more problems in Afsar Bitiya

Mitali Nag (Krishna)

When producer Raakesh Paswan (Village Boy Production Pvt. Ltd) came as a guest editor in’s office, he shared with us that the story of his show, Afsar Bitiya, on Zee TV has been inspired from his real life sister. And thanks to his execution skills, the serial is being liked by the masses. Now, in the show, Krishna’s (Mitali Nag) dreams have come down crashing as she has failed in her exams in spite of working really hard. But she is not going to get bogged down by it. In the upcoming episodes, she will send her answer papers for re-evaluation.

But why did she fail? Well, we have the answer. What really happened is that Krishna’s marks got exchanged with Pinky’s (Shivshakti Sachdev). Hence, Pinky passed but Krishna flunked. The news of her failure shocked her entire family, especially her father Vidya. But Krishna, confident and strong as she is, will opt for an re-evaluation.

But as they say “life is not a bed of roses.” She will have to face problems even in the process of re-evaluation, which is not an easy procedure given the bureaucratic nature of our selection system. And that is not it. The entire swap of results with Pinky episode was planned by her relatives and in the coming episodes, they will continue to create problems for Krishna. But, her father, will stand by her and Pintoo (Kinshuk Mahajan) will also try to get to the bottom of the entire issue. spoke to Mitali Nag who said, “Krishna never gives up. Hence, though she is facing difficult time at this moment, she will continue with her fighting spirit.”

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