Kiasa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai goes filmy with its high voltage drama…

Himmat Singh turns wild in Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai.

Life OK's popular daily soap Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai is becoming a centre of attention for its viewers following an exciting plot and filmy sequence.
In the upcoming episode, the story is going to revolve around Himmat Singh (Suyyash Rai) where we will notice a high pitched drama and filmy treatment in one episode.
Till now we have seen that Himmat has constantly struggled and remained far away from his father from the past 26 years. While on the other hand, Rajveer has always gained love from all the sides.
Our reliable source informs us "In the plot ahead we will witness Himmat entering the house fully drunk and sloshed. A guy who never raised his eyes in front of his father, now bangs the door and creates a scene in front of the entire family.
Himmat (Suyyash Rai) who envies Rajveer (Gaurav S Bajaj), will be get into a heated conversation and following the same Himmat will finally speak his heart out and threaten Rajveer, saying, 'Agar meri loogai aane se pehle teri loogai aa gayi toh main tumhe chain se jeene nahi dunga.' Furthermore, Himmat will also push off Rajveer and as a result an agitated Tauji will pick up his gun to shoot Himmat for his misbehavior and all the nuisance he has created."
When contacted Suyyash Rai, to know more about this remarkable sequence, he says, "Well, I think this is the best sequence I've shot for, so far till now. It was a five page script that I had to shoot for almost 18 hours with ten different angles."
"I believe that we actors get one scene out of 100 where we can prove our capability. And this part of the show was the right opportunity for me to prove myself. I've put in my best and worked really very hard, executing a perfect shot by crying, screaming and howling all in just one take."
"Our directors Imtiaz Punjabi, Rajan Sharma and Ravi Raj are just phenomenal and they are doing a great job. For me, acting is like a cakewalk when I'm surrounded with such talented people and amazing co-stars."
To watch this interesting plot, don't forget to watch Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai only on Life Ok.

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