A high voltage drama awaits the viewers of Star Plus’ popular show Veera…

Ranvi to confront Ratan; Ratan attempts suicide!

Beyond Dreams' popular show Veera is undergoing a lot of interesting twist and turns these days after the truth of Sampooran's (Sudhanshu Pandey) death has been revealed. Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) has been asked to go away from the lives of Ratan and her family after Chaiji (Shagufta Ali) came to know that Nihal is responsible for the death of Sampooran.
Our source says, "A major drama is going happen in the upcoming tracks of the show. Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani) is not able to bear the negligence of Veera (Harshita Ojha) at the hands of Ratan (Sneha Wagh). Later, Ranvi confronts Ratan and he tells her that she shouldn't do this to Veera. A disheartened Ratan takes a big step following which she attempts to commit suicide."
When contacted Sneha Wagh, she said, "Ranvi's confrontation makes Ratan collapse and therefore she takes this step."
What will happen to Ratan? Will she have a soft corner for Veera? The upcoming episodes of Veera are set to unfold the answers to these questions.

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