Saras leaves for Dubai in Saraswatichandra!

Even as Saras decides to leave for Dubai with his family, Kumud has a confession for him...

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saraswatichandra is set to include a lot of drama as well as some light moments according to the ongoing tracks of the show.
As per the ongoing tracks of the show, we have seen that how Kumud (Jennifer Singh Grover)is trying to bring Saras (Gautam Rode) and his dad close to each other. We have also seen that Kumud's birthday celebration plans are being discussed by the family.
The upcoming tracks of the show will see lots of happiness and emotional drama wrapped around it, as Kumud's birthday will be celebrated in a very special way which will make Kumud happy. On the other hand, Saras decides to leave for Dubai with his family. Before, they leave for Dubai, Kumud comes to Saras to confess something to him. Kumud says to Saras that she wants nothing from him as he has rejected her and Saras leaves for Duabi afterwards.
Will Saras and Kumud be able to leave apart from each other? When will destiny bring them closer to each other again? The upcoming tracks of Saraswatichandra will unfold the answers to these questions.

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