TV Celebs on World Earth day!

TellyBuzz got in touch with television celebrities on the initiative they will take up or the ways they are trying to save earth...

World Earth day is celebrated in support for environmental protection. A polluted environment harms the humans as well as animals. But human beings themselves are to be blamed for the bad environment condition. Human activities such as cutting down of trees, noise/air/water pollution, wastage of water etc., has turned out to be harmful for the environment and in turn us and the animals. Hence, we ourselves have to take basic steps to stop polluting the environment. On the same, we got in touch with few celebrities from the television industry to share their ways of saving the earth by taking few small steps.

Here is what they said...

Deepshikha Nagpal
:I advice people not to waste water, try all the ways possible to stop water wastage. We should also grow more and more trees as they are good for the environment and in turn for us.

Adaa Khan:
I have planted a lot of trees in my balcony and I see to it that I avoid using plastic bags. I also avoid wastage of water.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee
: It is really difficult to save the environment nowadays because all over trees are cut down to build more and more buildings. We need to stop cutting trees as they are necessary to the environment and human beings. I like to plant trees wherever I can and I think everyone should do the same.

Ashish Kaul
: Don't save earth, first save yourself and for that grow trees or else surely you will die soon.

Kajal Pisal:
I make sure that I save electricity, I don't keep the AC's on for a long time as well as put off the lights when not in use and before leaving the house. I use only cloth and paper bags and avoid the usage of plastic bags. Also saving water is a must... everyone should take the basic steps to save water like closing the taps properly. Nurture nature for your future. Save water, save energy and go green.

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