Navi Bhangu happily engaged

Navi Bhangu who has been away from the shoot of Amrit Manthan for almost a month keeps his engagement news a mystery.

Navi Bhangu who plays Agam in Amrit Manthan had taken a break for personal work and had gone off to his hometown. Away from work for almost a month and the gossip mills were working overtime. When his break was announced many said that there are problems with the show, "I heard people talking that the show is going off-air. They also said that since I am taking a break I am quitting the show, getting replaced… I have heard all kind of things!" says Navi.
Navi clarifies that it was not actually a one month break that he intended and that he was back in Mumbai after two weeks itself, "I was back in Mumbai on the 8th April to re-start the shoot for Amrit Manthan. However, I was kept me on hold and was told that they will call me when they need me for the shoot which is tomorrow."
While this is sorted, we have a source who says that Navi had taken this break to get engaged and is actually hiding it from everybody. "Navi got engaged in his hometown Noor Mahal, near Jallandhar which is a small place and no one he knows from Mumbai was invited for the function. He wanted to keep it simple and private so his close family and friends were around for this joyous moment of his life. Now that he has come back to Mumbai people are asking but Navi still is not ready to talk about it."
Navi who admits that he had taken the leave for personal work denies this too, "As I said earlier I have been surrounded with rumors. So this too does not make any difference for me." His voice however sounded as if he was shy to admit the same, but when we prodded him about it, Navi maintained his stance, albeit smiling a bit as he said, "Ghar ki baat ghar mein hi rahe to accha hai… also people may feel bad about not getting invited. Of course my family wants to see me married and settled in life which is natural too and it is my right age to do so too, so it may happen anytime now… maybe in the future, maybe this year itself" he ended smiling keeping the secret intact.
Well our best wishes are with Navi and we hope he soon reveals the mystery woman in his life.

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