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Ansu Baa surprised with Bhoomi's singing!

Bhoomi's another attempt to impress Ansu Baa in Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki...

In Swapna Waghmare's daily soap Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki, we will see that Bhoomi's (Shamin Mannan) attempt to sing the Krishna Stuti surprises Ansu Baa (Aroona Irani).

In the earlier episodes of the show we had seen that Bhoomi fails to sing the Krishna Stuti as she did not knew the wordings. Since Ansu Baa is very upset to see this Bhoomi takes it as a challenge to learn the Krishna Stuti so that she doesn't have to face the same problem again and doesn't upset Ansu Baa.

In the upcoming episode of the show we will see that Bhoomi sings the Krishna Stuti to wake up Kishan (Jay Soni). While she is singing all the family members hear her melodious voice and are impressed with her singing and praise her. Furthermore, we will see that Ansu Baa is very surprised to hear the Krishna Stuti that Bhoomi is singing. Her attempt to impress Ansu Baa succeeds this time.

To watch this interesting episode don't miss to watch Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki.

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