Chandni Bhagwanani who is seen as Amita in Amita Ka Amit is very young in real life

I had butterflies in my stomach for my on-screen marriage

says Chandni Bhagwanani who is seen as Amita in Amita Ka Amit is very young in real life but just got married in the serial. Here she speaks her heart out about the show, her passion for dance and more with TellyBuzz.

How will you define Amita in your words?
Amita is a simple girl who is chubby, cute, indecisive, ignorant, innocent and like other girls she also dreams to have a perfect guy in her life. He should not necessarily be rich. She loves her dad, teases her brother and helps her mother. She's a normal girl who is happy and doesn't crib.

You recently had an on-screen marriage... How was the experience while shooting it?I was super thrilled and excited. I had butterflies in my stomach everyday on the sets. I shot for the haldi, sangeet and wedding sequence and have experienced all the rituals. Life of an actress is so unique. I am too young to get married in real life but on-screen I had a memorable experience and the feedback is fantastic. I gave my exams too while shooting. Life is a roller coaster ride currently.
You have performed during your on-screen wedding and you love dancing. Do you miss dancing in your real life?

Dance is something I miss the most at the moment. I love dancing; it is my hobby and passion. Dancing in SDIIL -Shiamak Davar International India Pvt. Ltd - is the best experience. People there are good and the instructors are great. I was in Shiamak's special batch called the SPB (Special Potential Batch). I miss dancing for hours and hours at stretch. I was trained in various dance forms like hip hop, wacking, ballet, contemporary, Shiamak style, jive, salsa, Bollywood, street, jazz, etc. Amongst all I love wacking and Bollywood. I am proud to be a Shiamak student and the best part is he loves me. It is very rare that he recognizes people and I am one of them. 

Share your most memorable moment with Shiamak Davar.
It was during a show called Summer Funk, where I had performed on the song Aa re pritam pyaare. After the performance he came on stage, hugged me and said to the audience, "I've never seen a dancer like her and I love her the most. She has always been surprising me and I love to watch her performance." This was in front of more than six hundred people.
Who are your favourite dancers and why?
Without thinking I can say actor - Hrithik Roshan. He can do any style given to him and also Madhuri Dixit because she's very graceful. She's my idol. Pradhudeva is also my idol. At Shiamak Davar's insitutue there is this senior-most instructor Aneesha Dalal and I've never seen a dancer like her in my entire life. I always wish to be like her. I know that is impossible because she's just perfect.

Any regrets so far?
I do regret some decisions taken by me in the past. I lost two movies because I didn't take it so seriously. I got shortlisted for the movie 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge' and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and even had met both the producers. I was around 11 years old but due to some reason I couldn't act in those movies. Then after this I signed the film 'Naina'. However,  after signing the contract they wanted me to cut my hair short and I loved my hair so much that I refused to do it. They asked me to think about it and by the time I could agree I had lost the opportunity.
Any memorable incident from Kyunki….
I remember the whole team of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi celebrating my birthday on the set. I cannot forget the moment. It was planned by everyone present there on the sets including the cast, director, make-up dada, hair dresser and spot dada. It was a superb celebration. It will always be something very special and close to my heart because it had been only six months and the attachment was so strong. 

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