A ‘silent’ episode coming up on the Buddy Project, Season 2.

The Buddy Project goes silent

A ‘silent’ episode coming up on the Buddy Project, Season 2.

In what is a first for the show and the channel, Channel V is coming up with a 'silent' episode for The Buddy Project, Season 2. The particular episode will have no audible dialogues and will play out entirely through songs and background score!
The silent episode comes in at a crucial juncture in the lives of the protagonists where they are forced to face their anger and hatred towards each other. There is an inherent melancholy and hopelessness in the premise that has turned best friends into sworn enemies. All this is orchestrated by the character of Jaitely (played by Manav Gohil), who pushes the kids to confront their anger.
In the second season of the popular Channel V show, the setting has changed from the school campus of the Royal Academy to the college grounds of the Imperial College of Communication and The Buddy Project has moved on from school rivalry to college hostility, from school crush to college romance, from class-room wars to real world competitions.
Says Prem Kamath, GM & Channel Head of Channel V: "The episode is emotional and takes the story forward without breaking the momentum. So even though there are no audible dialogues, the progress of the plot and the action of the characters are easy to understand. We at Channel V are constantly looking at ways to up the game and to break out of conventional storytelling formats. This innovation is another step in that direction."
The silent episode will be telecast on 8th April on Channel V.

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