TellyBuzz got in touch with the gorgeous Shubhangi Atre Poorey to find out more about her role of Koyal in SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar...

"I am very choosy on taking up roles." Shubhangi Atre

TellyBuzz got in touch with the gorgeous Shubhangi Atre Poorey to find out more about her role of Koyal in SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar...

Shubhangi Atre Poorey who was last seen in Colors daily soap Havan, where she essayed a negative character is back on TV with SAB TV's daily comedy show Chidiya Ghar. Shubhangi is very well known for all her previous shows where she has essayed a wide variety of shows. Comedy was on her mind and was waiting for an opportunity to knock her door. Chidiya Ghar has given her the platform to fulfill her dream!

Let us have a look at what she said...

How do you feel about being a part of Chidiya Ghar?
I am feeling very good doing this show. I am thoroughly enjoying this phase a lot. Doing a comedy show is like playing a character without any pressure. I wanted to do something in the comedy genre and now since I have got it I am feeling lucky.

What do you have to say about Chidiya Ghar as a show?
The concept of the show is very good. The characterization in the show is mind blowing. I believe in every human being there is an animal and that is what this show has shown. For instance my character is of Koyal a bird who has a melodious voice.  I love singing and hence my name is Koyal.

How did you get the show?
I got a call from Garima Production about them having a requirement for the character of Koyal which was previously played by Shilpa Shinde. I had also had a chat with Ashwini Dhir on the same, so when I was offered the show I was ready to do it.

Do you think playing the role of Koyal is easy?
Well, no role is easy or difficult, it depends on the actor about how he or she takes up the challenge. So yes definitely playing the character of Koyal is a challenge for me. I have entered the show mid-way so may be people will take time to accept me. However, I am sure they will soon do so.

Are you going to use any strategy to play this role?
I will use no strategy and I have followed the same in all my shows that I have done. I am just going to be myself and imitate no one.

Have you dreamt of playing a comedy role?
Yes, in fact after my last show Havan on Colors, I was waiting for something like this to come my way. I have nearly played all types of role and I was thinking of taking up something in the genre of comedy. Luckily enough I got to play Koyal in Chidya Ghar.

It has been long since viewers saw you on TV, did you take a break?
No, I was not on a break but I am very choosy on taking up roles. So I was waiting for something that could convince me. I want people to see me in different characters. Many a times we see that actors are known through their character names, I don't want to be known like that. I want people to know me as Shubhangi Atre Poorey being a good actor. I like taking up challenges.

Do you like reality shows?
Yes I do like reality shows. In fact in between I also got an offer for Saroj Khan's dance reality show Nach Le Ve but I could not do it due to the injury I was suffering at that time.

You are replacing Shilpa Shinde in the show, do you think you will be able to make a mark as she did?
I like Shilpa Shinde a lot. She is a very gorgeous looking and talented actor. I will surely try my best to live up to people's expectations from me as Koyal and I think I can do it. People will accept me too as they accepted Shilpa Shinde.

How did acting happen to you?
I always wanted to be an actor since childhood but the only problem was that my family would have never allowed me. Being a girl from Indore it was really difficult to jump in this field. But I truly believe in the statement "Whatever you really wish for, will surely be yours one day." This is what has happened with me.

Out of all the shows you have done, which is the closest to your heart?
Well all my shows are close to my heart. It has been a long 7 year journey in this industry where I have worked with amazing people and this journey will always be memorable and close to my heart all through my life.

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