Smiriti Kalra who essays the character of Suvreen in Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year talks

Suvreen suits Smiriti the best: Smiriti Kalra

Smiriti Kalra who essays the character of Suvreen in Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year talks about her acting career, her life on the sets of Suvreen, her future plans and much more....

Being an RJ, did you ever think of becoming an actor?
In general, I am much like an animated person and I used to give voice overs by making faces. So, my colleagues used to say that you must try out acting in saas bahu sagas. I was looking forward to doing something exciting apart from being an RJ. One of my friends was doing theatre and I went along with him, got selected  for the play and I performed. A lot of media was present for the performance and an article was published about me. I was noticed from there and this is how I entered the field of acting.
Simi in Karol Bagh and Suvreen now; what suits Smiriti the best?
Suvreen suits Smiriti the best.
Do you relate yourself to Suvreen?
I am very much like Suvreen. There are a lot of lines written in the script that I actually use in my real life. I am very impulsive, just like Surveen and I am always charged up like her. Whatever I do, I put in a lot of energy and my motive is to be a topper in life just like  Suvreen. When I read the script I immediately thought that this is me and I will do it.
How difficult was it for you to get into the field of acting?
We learn as a part of our job. It was not difficult for me but I had to learn the technicalities of acting. I was told to cry and I would wonder how to cry when I am actually smiling. (laughs)  I was given lessons to prepare for particular shots in order to avoid shadows and about spacings.
With whom do you share the best bond on the sets of Suvreen?
Everyone is very nice here. I share a really good bond with all of them and with Shivin Narang too. We do things happily together and fight as well. My director, DOP and everyone else on the sets share a great relationship with me. We are a happy bunch of people full of fun.
Tell us something about the funniest prank you have ever played with someone on the sets?
I was to shoot for the brand Nano when I played a prank on my creative team. I told my EP that I won't do the shoot until I got a Nano car. The matter reached my creative and my EP said that I will give you my car. Then, the channel also joined hands with me and my creative got a good scolding from them about how she couldn't handle an actor. My creative was trying her best to convince me into doing it.
What interests you other than acting?
I like reading, adventure sports and trying out new things.
Are you in touch with any of your co-actors from 12/24 Karol Bagh?
Yes, I am in touch with my co-actor Neil Bhatt, Waseem Mushtaq, Alka Amin , Indresh Malik, and Sargun Mehta with whom I share a strong bond.
Do you dream of getting into Bollywood?
It's not that now I am focusing on Bollywood in particular. However, if it happens then why not! I will definitely love to do it.
Your dream role?
I would love to play split personality and an action packed role.
Message to your fans?
Thank you for liking me. Live life and enjoy it. Never take life too seriously.

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