Gujiyas, kachoris, thandai... Read on to know what is the favorite Holi food of well known Television stars...

Food our TV celebs relish on Holi!

Gujiyas, kachoris, thandai... Read on to know what is the favorite Holi food of well known Television stars...

Holi is not only the festival of colors but it's a festival of food too. We all love to cook and eat different varieties of food on this special occasion. TellyBuzz spoke to your favorite telly stars to know about their favorite food of Holi. Let us find out their choice and their memories related to it.
Vishal Singh: I love Gujiya cooked by my mom. It's my favorite dish since  childhood days.

Smiriti Kalra: Gujiya is my favorite because of the only reason that it's yummy. We had 2 kitchens in our home and my mom used to call a Halwai who would sit in the other kitchen and prepare lots of Gujiyas. As kids, we used to enter in the kitchen to see and then grab some.

Mohit Sehgal: Gujiya is my favorite Holi food. My parents always send Gujiyas for me on holi. Few days ago while I was talking to them, they asked me about the same and I told them that I want to have it, but I'll eat only some this time since I am on a diet (laughs).

Additi Gupta: Gujiya is my favorite Holi food. My mom always makes Gujiyas just for me because I love it. I can have Gujiyas anytime because I love sweets. Another thing my mom used to make was Katori Chat. She used to make it in bulk and all our family members used to have it. However, my first favorite will always be Gujiya.  

Roshni Chopra: My favorite food on Holi will always be Kachauris. I love the stuffed kachauris which my nani used to make and I crave them quite often. But since they are very fatty I don't eat them too much. Holi is a good occasion to cheat on my diet and remember my nani. 

Shashank Vyas: My favorite food on holi is Pakodas and Thandai. Once someone put bhang in my thandai and I kept sleeping for not just one but two days. After I got up it was difficult for me to believe that two days had passed. I am careful after that on Holi. I can drink five glasses of Thandai since I really love it. It makes me feel really good. I will treat myself to pakodas and Thandai on Holi. 

Mohammad Nazim: I love samosas. I have a few friends where I get to eat lots of it every holi. In my hometown in Punjab we get to splurge on different varities of mithais and namkeen including samosas.To my surprise I ate 20 samosas one holi. I competed with a friend and won it too.  In Mumbai I do eat samasos every year. Samosas are welcome any day but being an actor, I have to be careful about diet and avoid oily stuff.

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