Society should not look down on impotent men, says Danish Bhat

Danish Bhat

Kashmiri model-turned-actor Danish Bhat, who plays the negative role of Adhiraaj Singh in Life OK’s Amrit Manthan (Director’s Kut), is quite happy with his “impotent” character.

“It is a matter of great pride for a debutant like me to play something which has not been tried before either on the small or big screen,” avers the handsome and brawny actor.

He continues, “My character is that of a good looking, well-built king with a powerful voice who hides his impotency beneath his money and power. I am quite thankful to producer Rajan Shahi for giving me a role which has all kind of shades like, emotional, action and the above impotent angle as well.”

Danish is also enjoying acting with his co star, Adaa Khan (Amrit), “She is a very good actress and a sweet human being. As she has already done number of shows before, she guides me on to how to go about various scenes.”

Ask about the recent important seduction song and Danish smiles and says, “Normally the couple makes love on screen after such a scene but here my character could not afford to fall in Amrit’s (Adaa’s) trap as I know my sexual condition. Doing something out of the box, like the above scene, always challenges me.”

Furthermore, Danish hails from Kashmir. So were his parents uncomfortable with him enacting such a role? “No, my folks are comfortable for they know I am only acting. Having said that, I personally feel that society should not look down on impotent men so what if they are not mard or are na mard, they are all human beings at the end of the day.”

And this hot hunk is really working hard to get into the skin of the character, “I always believe in preparations. Hence, before making a leap from modeling to TV, I took formal acting lessons. Being a Kashmiri, we speak Hindi in a different accent, so I had to work a lot on my diction and pronunciation to get it just right.”

He is also quite proud of his well-built physique, “I actually had to put on a few more kilos to fit my mature-looking character,” he ends.

Well Danish, we wish and hope that fans will keep showering you with love and appreciation in the future as well!!!

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