Sasuraal Genda Phool: What is Radha's husband upto? (10-04-20112)

Suhana is shocked to know that Ishaan has taken money from Inder. On the other hand, Dadaji gets some gift for Sanjana but forgets it in the auto. Sanjana calls Deepak to buy engagement ring. Deepak wants to go to meet Sanjana but entire family teases him.

Suhana confronts Ishaan for taking money from Inder and refusing to take money from her. On the sets of Suhana's shoot, Ilesh is being humiliated by someone. Suhana stands up for him. Later, Disha apologizes to Suhana.

The Bajpai house is being decorated for the engagement. Radha’s husband comes there, but Sanjana slaps him and sends him away.

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