Tum Dena Saath Mera: Will Abhilasha catch Manan red-handed at the resort? (10-04-2012)

Abhilasha reaches the isolated spot and sees the broke down car. She is about to go and help when Sid stops her and asks her not to waste time as they have to reach the resort and catch Manan. They reach the resort and enquire about Manan and Ria. They are told that the two people never checked in.

Back home, Manan concocts a stupid story saying he was stuck with his overnight work at a client’s factory outlet. Dai Jaan is suspicious too about Ria’s acts and tries to stop her for what she is doing.

Abhilasha takes out Manan’s shirt that he wore previous night to send it for washing. To her shock, she finds something on the shirt? What does she find on his shirt? Will this ruin their relationship?

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