Pammi and Surinder to support Mona fight back against Pradeep in Kyaa Hua...

Balaji Telefilms’ Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada (Sony Entertainment Television) has been witnessing a lot of drama lately. In a major dramatic twist, viewers saw Mona (Mona Singh) learning about Pradeep’s (Pawan Shankar) affair with Anushka (Mouli Ganguly). As a result, Pradeep left the house and went ahead to stay with Anushka. Mona and Pradeep are now on the verge of divorce.

Now, in the show, Pammi’s (Delnaaz Irani) and Surinder Suri’s (Buddhaditiya Mohanty) tracks have been missing from some time, but in coming episodes they both will play important roles in the story progression.

Pammy and Surinder will be seen supporting Mona and encouraging her to be strong and fight back against Pradeep, instead of sitting and sobbing. Even Mona’s kids and her mother-in-law will be supportive towards to her.

We contacted Delnaaz regarding the track and she said “There is a lot to learn from this show as it is an inspiration for women to deal with hardships in life. I am playing a very major part in the coming episodes. Viewers need to wait and watch.”

This particular sequence will air throughout the next week.

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