Meghna says that Colors is either "naive" or "stupid" to air Laado in the afternoon slot

Meghna Malik

A show being shifted to the afternoon slot from its prime time one is usually suggestive of the fact that it is not doing great in terms of number. However, the world of TRPs is also pretty ambiguous with only a few number of rating boxes determining the popularity (read: fate) of a show which is being watched by millions across the country. Now, Shakuntalam Telefilms’ Na Aana Iss Des Laado (Colors) is one such case wherein it was pulled from its 10.30pm slot and placed at 1pm afternoon airtime. But many fans are asking why? Even the lead of the show, Meghna Malik (Ammaji) doesn’t understand the move, since it has always garnered good numbers.

“People will keep asking this question till the show remains on air. And it only makes us realize that the audience is still interested in the show and I completely respect their queries. In fact, I too don’t understand why is the show is airing at the 1pm slot? Which audience are we catering to? Either the channel does not understand the Indian audience or they are too naive and just being stupid,” says Meghna.

She further continues, “I know housewives who can’t watch this show because they are busy with their kitchen work till 2- 2:30 pm. There are many kids also who like the show but can’t watch it as they remain in schools and colleges. Men on the other hand are simply left with no option at all. They think that since Ammaji is really strong in the show, I have the authority to change the time slot but then I can’t really do much.”

So has she tried to talk to the channel and discuss on the issue? “We never get to talk to the channel; in fact, we do not even get a prior intimation if the show is being shifted to a new time slot or not. It’s only after the decision has been taken that we come to know about it. And as an actor, TRPs do not affect me as I know I have to perform but after putting in so much hard work we expect that the show should be at least watched by the viewers,” she ends.

Well, Meghna hope the concerned channel officials will heed to your concern and try to resolve it.

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