Ashish Kapoor's fitness mantra

Ashish Kapoor

Ashish Kapoor is hot, sizzling and ravishing. He is one good-looking chap. On top of that, the young lad is also a fantastic performer. He impresses everyone as Udayveer in Dekha Ek Khwaab (Sony Entertainment Television). Ashish also keeps hitting the headlines for his love affair with his co star, Priyal Gor. Now, acting in tube is quite a strenuous profession which often leaves with no breathing time for the actors. But Ashish is someone who knows how to balance work and personal life and makes it point to hit the gym on a regular basis to keep himself fit.

As the guest editor at, I decided to talk to him and find out his fitness mantra.

“I give priority to exercising over partying. Apart from Dekha, I also shoot for Yeh Rishta…so finding time does become difficult. But I make it a point to hit the gym at least five days a week. I work out either early in the morning at 6 am or late in the night at 11 pm,” shares Ashish.

And to own a good physique, one should always maintain good diet. Here is Ashish’s diet plan, “In the morning I have fruits, sprouts, milk and cornflakes. Then for lunch I go for rice or chappatis with curd but I avoid rice and chappatis in dinner. At night, I eat boiled vegetables, dal and non-veg. But the non-veg food is always without gravy as it takes a lot of time to digest.”

He further adds, “People have a misconception that having food in every two hours makes you put on weight but that’s the right way to eat.”

Talking about exercising, he says that one must work on both the upper and the lower body. “A lot of people work only on their upper body which is not the right pattern actually. An overall workout is very important.”

Furthermore, Ashish is not in the favour of girl’s hitting the gym as he feels, “Girls should do more of jogging and swimming. Especially swimming as boys would like it (laughs).”

Talking about one thing that the actor is proud of, he ends by saying, “I do 600 crunches a day (smiles).”

Hmm…quite impressive Ashish. Keep up the good work!!!

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