Gaurav Chopraa celebrated his birthday with his family in Delhi

Gaurav Chopraa

It was Gaurav Chopraa’s happy wala birthday yesterday (4 April 2012) and the handsome actor with a sexy baritone spent this special day with his family in Delhi.

Gaurav has currently taken a break from Uttaran (where he is playing Raghuvendra Pratap Rathod) as he is busy shooting for a film in North India.

“I have been away from the civilized world for almost 30 to 40 days now. In Mumbai, during my b’day I either used to party or stay alone, but this year I was with my family,” shared Gaurav with

He further shared that he performed a pooja in the morning yesterday and later in the evening had a small party with his friends.

“There is nothing specific that I follow on my birthdays. You have to make the day special. This time it was really special for me as I had my loved ones with me, namely my brother, niece and nephews. They gave me hand-written cards which are priceless for me. My brother gave me a book on cinema, which I loved it. I think their love for me was the biggest gift,” he ended.

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