Aroona Irani enters into a fight on the sets of Dekha Ek Khwaab

Aroona Irani

Are you guys ready to read this story? Better gear up for it involves some violence and parental guidance is required (we love to play up things). Now, we all know Aroona Irani. She is lovely, talented and has been entertaining fans for years now. Usually, she is all calm and composed but today she did lose her cool on the sets of her show, Dekha Ek Khwaab, airing on Sony Entertainment Television. Hmm…now we know you guys are craving for more dope. But you have to wait… Okay, okay…stop sulking, read on.

Today (5 April 2012) press was invited on the sets of Dekha…to meet the cast. After the usual conversation with the press, everyone carried on with the shoot. But then, our sources observed Aroona entering into a fight with the show’s director.

What really happened is that Aroona was getting ready for a shot and was doing her make up when the director called “roll camera”. To which Aroona complained that how can he call for a roll when she was not yet ready and was not aware of the apt expressions to be thrown at the camera. Then the director retorted stating that how can he guide the team with so much chattering around. Aroona replied that she wasn’t talking to anyone. Finally, the director, respecting her seniority, went on to pacify her.

We decided to call up Aroona and find out about the “fiery” incident.

“Nothing happened on the sets. We are just shooting cut-to-cut. I am happy with my cast and crew.”

Well, she can deny but we realise that tempers do flare up at times when one is working for 12 hours and more. Life is hectic and to keep cool is tough, we understand Aroona ji.

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