Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai: Virat to break up with Maya tonight (11-04-2012)

By Almas Mirza

If you weren’t very happy to see Maanvi playing matchmaker between Virat and Maya, well, there’s news for you. Virat will break up with Maya tonight!

Having a doting brother like Viren has its plus side. Viren advises Virat to test Maya for the sake of his own confidence in her. Virat does as Viren asks him to and discovers that Maya hasn’t changed a bit and is still the same old selfish girl full of negativity. The two will enter into a fight where Maya accuses Virat of being extra concerned about Maanvi. Furthermore, Maya tells Virat that Maanvi is trying to create differences between them.

Virat who is all praises for Maanvi after all that she has done, finds it hard to digest. (After all we know Virat is in love with Maanvi. This was bound to happen.)

Maya also reveals that Maanvi was guiding her all the way so that Virat comes closer to her. It is then that Virat realizes that Maya has done nothing on her own. All the goodness was Maanvi’s brainchild. Finally Virat calls off his relationship with Maya once and for all.

Next up to look out for is when Virat confesses his love for Maanvi!

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