Kya Huaa Tera Vaada: Mona to discover Pradeep's affair with Anushka

Mona reacted in disbelief when Suhasi narrated the incident that triggered anger in Pradeep. She told her about her doubts of Pradeep having an affair with Anushka. Mona, a dutiful wife, put down all her claims to be false and assured her that she has full faith in her husband.

In the coming episodes, celebrations will be on in the family to bring in Alok and Suhasi's 35th wedding anniversary. Mona has planned a grand party and is all set to make her beloved in-laws relive the wedding vows once again in a sweet little ceremony.

Suhasi insists Mona to relive her vows with Pradeep as well. Mona has always believed that she and Pradeep are made for each other and nothing in this world can do them apart. She is oblivious what her husband is up to.

On the day of the anniversary, Mona will be shattered to pieces when she discovers her husband’s dark truth. What will Mona do after she finds out about the affair?

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