Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Will Natasha's move create a rift between Ram and Priya?

Ram confronts Kartik on seeing Natasha's bruises. According to her Kartik has battered her brutally. He asks Kartik if he’s trying to prove himself a man by beating Natasha.

Kartik is taken aback at his accusations and is confused what Ram is talking about. Priya tries to intervene and sends Ram back home. She comes to know the entire truth that Kartik has not even slapped Natasha once. (Natasha's bruises are actua;lly purposely caused by Niharika, but nobody is aware of it.)

At the same time police arrives and arrests Kartik with his father and mother. Priya is shocked. She goes back home and confronts Ram over it. Later they come to know that Natasha was responsible for the arrest.

Ram tries to control the situation, but Natasha tells him that she has been facing mental torture from the Sharma family. Niharika tells them that Natasha has been kind by sparing Priya and Ayesha. Priya sugests they sort the matter withing themselves.

Niharika and Priya end up arguing. Will the situation created by Niharika and Natasha create a rift between Ram and Priya?

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