Kya Huaa Tera Vaada: Whom will Pradeep choose - Mona or Anushka? (17-04-2012)

The cat is out of the bag. Everybody now knows about Pradeep's affair with Anushka. Mona is heartbroken at the shocking revelation. She couldn't have imagined Pradeep betraying her and her kids.

The revelation came about in the mandap when Pradeep and Mona were to relive their marriage vows. Pradeep has escorted Anushka to hospital when he receives a call from his father. His father wants to have a word with him.

Tonight, Pradeep and Mona's father will tallk to Pradeep and try to convince him and restore his faith in his marriage with Mona.

Will Pradeep get convinced and leave Anushka? Will he resign from Anushka's company? Will Mona love Pradeep like before?

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