Aditya Redij is smoking hot

Aditya Redij

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Aditya “sexy” Redij is rated pretty high in the hotness meter. This young and talented performer has come a long way since his Laado days and as Rajbeer in Preeto, he showed the world how good he is as an actor.

Wearing a red check shirt and a black pair of jeans, he looked stunning as he entered our office as the guest editor. Believe us, the moment he entered the temperature in the house went up. Yes, he is that hot.

He ordered for a diet coke (of course, he has to take care of his super-toned physique) and then talked to the team on our mode of working. He went through the website, and then with utmost vigor and enthusiasm, filed three articles. (We were all very impressed)

Aditya also shared his “shocked” feelings when he learned about the closure of Imagine TV (read Star Diary section for more on it).

Finally, he posed classily of our in-house photographer and even shot for a video interview.

“It was lovely coming here and I had a great time. Thanks a ton,” ended Aditya, with a smile.

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