Aasman Se Aage premieres on Life OK this Monday at 2230 hrs (23-04-2012)

Come 23 April and Life OK will add another show to its programming titled Aasman Se Aagey, a series based on the reality behind the reality shows. Life OK launched its new show, Aasman se Aagey with some of the biggest names of reality television in India battling it out in an enthralling discussion on the reality behind reality shows.

The afternoon soiree began with an electrifying dance performance by the protagonist of the show, Meenakshi, followed by a riveting discussion. With a panel consisting of the extremely candid Rakhi Sawant, the demure Abhijeet Sawant, and the cast of the show - Apoorva Agnihotri aka producer DC, and Manini De as judge, and Rajesh Khera dressed in his show character ‘the saree clad judge' Sanam, the discussion was as stimulating as it could get. Adding the ‘serious’ quotient to the otherwise lively discussion were media person Anuj Alankar, and general manager, Life OK, Ajit Thakur.

With Rakhi Sawant in her bindass avatar and at her talkative best, the discussions revolved around whether reality shows exploit the hunger to be recognized, for that ‘one chance'? Do expecting talent based on aggression or strength based on the ability to create drama? Are producers looking for ‘talent’ or participants to raise their TRPs? Do participants need to 'hone' negative qualities and thrive on a fairy tale-like reality gripped by peer pressure in the pursuit of 'fame' and 'money'? Is talent always enough to win these competitions? Do family equations change after a child brings in the prize money?

Aasman Se Aagey will lift the veilof glamour of talent shows to reveal the cut throat competition in the realityTV world, the pressure and the hastened mental metamorphosis of contestants from toddlers to adolescents to adults.

This first of its kind show, Aasmaan Se Aagey brings forth the reality of reality show through the journey of a young girl, Meenakshi, a talented dancer who dreams big and reaches for the stars. Just like thousands who flock to Mumbai, the city of dreams, Meenakshi participates in a reality show harboring hopes in her heart and dreams in her eyes.

Does she make it? What happens to her if she does? Does all the success and fame strips Meenakshi of her innocence as she continues to be taken in by the all-consuming world of fame and glamour?

Aasman Se Aage premieres on Life OK on April 23 at 2230 hrs.

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