Aaji to learn Sakshi Mami's truth

Smita Oak and Shreya More

The viewers of Imagine’s Mi Aaji Aur Saheb have seen Sakshi Mami (Shreya More) replacing the real gold bangles that belonged to Megha’s with fake bangles. However, in the upcoming episode, the truth will be revealed.

A source close to the show revealed to Tellychakkar.com that Mami’s son Tushaar will overhear his mother’s conversation and will come to know that his mother has replaced the real bangles with the fake ones. He will go on to reveal the same to Megha (Reem Sheikh) and she will go ahead and inform Aaji (Smita Oak) about it.

The drama doesn’t end here as Sakshi will go to Leela’s house (her neighbour) to attend a function wearing the same gold bangles. And Aaji will go there to confront her. Aaji will accuse her of stealing the bangles which Sakshi will continuously deny. Since there will be a lot of commotion Leela will intervene. In order to find out whether the bangles are real or fake, she will suggest rubbing them on a rock. And once it will be proved that these ornaments are indeed of gold, Aaji and Sakshi will enter into a verbal spat.

Tellychakkar.com spoke to Shreya who said, “Sakshi is a very mean lady and she can go up to any extent. Now, whether the reality behind bangles is revealed or not, is something you will have to wait and watch.”

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