Anuj Saxena files case against Vikas Kalantri

Anuj Saxena, Vikas Kalantri and Pooja Ghai's company Whiteleaf held the Gold Awards function in Mauritius last year. This year, however things are very different as Anuj has already parted ways with Vikas and Pooja because the two didn't give Anuj a share of the small profit the ceremony made. Now Anuj has filed a legal case against Vikas and his company.

A source informs us, "Vikas and Pooja didn't give Anuj his dues as a result of which Anuj left Whiteleaf. This year the awards are going take place in Dubai. Anuj is not part of these awards anymore, but Vikas' company has not paid its dues to Anuj, moreover the copyrights for the name of this awards property, (Gold) is with Anuj, so it is illegal for them to give their awards property the same name and they have already done that. So Anuj has now served a legal notice to them. Now, Vikas' company is planning to decide a new name for the awards."

When contacted Anuj said, "Yes we have sent them a legal notice. I don't wish to talk about it"

On the other hand Vikas who is in Kolkatta right now, denies receiving any legal notice. He says, "I have not got any copy of any legal notice from him. We have changed the name of our awards function already as I wanted it registered internationally, so we got it registered and now it is called the Platinum Awards. Our name was already decided; even before he sent us any notice. As far as Anuj is concerned let him file the case, but he has no authority to file such a case."

So now the name has been changed to Platinum Awards or even Whiteleaf Awards, as a source informs us. But another issue is that TV giant Balaji and Vikas Kalantri do not share warm vibes due to which there was no participation from Balaji at the awards last year and this year too, it is very likely that Balaji will boycott the awards function.

The Platinum Awards will take place in Dubai on December 20 and will be telecasted on Zee TV.


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