Ami Trivedi cries foul

Ami Trivedi, better known as Kittu in the Indian television circle, is back with a new show -- Cinevistaa's Jaane Kya Baat Hui. There has been a lot of rumours floating around on the role she is playing in the serial. Most of the stories doing rounds claim that Ami is playing a negative role in the serial. Whereas, actually it is quite the opposite! Ami clears the confusion in an exclusive chat with

"I am playing a character called Sanjana. And it is a positive character. I would like to clear the confusion and let everyone know that I am not playing a negative role in Jaane Kya Baat Hui."

But how did these rumours start doing the rounds? "All of this started after I was misquoted in an interview for a tabloid." In reality, the story is completely different. "Sanjana is a normal next-door girl, whose father is a police inspector. Sanjana is in love with a guy (played by Abhinav Kohli) who is the younger brother of Sanjit Bedi in the show," clarifies Ami.

However, she adds with a smile, "Since it is a daily soap, you never know what happens after 20-25 episodes." Ami recently completed her stint in Rakhi where she plays Mukti -- a character with grey shades. "This was supposed to be a cameo role for 1 month, but because of its popularity the role was stretched to 4.5 months!"

Ami is unhappy at her other show India Dhanush got over. "I have done 75 episodes for the show and it was an amazing experience. I wish I could have done more of that." Ami recently had her dad for company. He had come down from London (where he stays) for a holiday. Ami could manage to spend a lot of time with her dad because of the strike.

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