Nupur refuses Utaran

The actress has done a variety of roles but there is one role the she refuses everytime she is offered no matter how important it is to the show. Nupur doesn’t ever want to play a maid.

She informs, “I was recently offered the role of a maid in the upcoming show Utaran. Though I really loved the concept but I had to refuse it. Of late I have realised that a person’s behaviour changes according to the role you play on-screen. Even your co-actors start behaving accordingly. When I was essaying the role of Halki Bua in Betiyann, viewers used to ask me that why I am being so ruthless to the daughters of the family. And when I was playing the role of a maid named Jumma in Saat Phere, people used to look at me as if I was a maid in real life too.”

“I also turned down the offer of Anaro the maid in Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi on Imagine. Though the role was good and an important one but I just don’t want to do any such roles as I have come to terms that people associate you with the role you play,” quips Nupur.

We don’t agree Nupur. An actor is an actor. Period.


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