Tiff between the actors and Producer Asit Modi!

What is the real story behind the ongoing replacement drama in Sab TV's Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah is one of the most popular shows on SAB TV, with their key actors always being Dilip Joshi and Disha Wakani. During the five years long journey the show never saw any replacements at all, but then for the first time Roshan Singh Sodhi aka Jennifer Mistry Bansiwala was replaced as well as Sodi (Gurucharancharan Singh) was replaced.
We already know that Jennifer is expecting her first baby and there were some creative differences between Gurucharan Singh and Asit Modi. However, fans are creating trouble for both the actors who are being again and again questioned as people feel they have left the show and it wasn't the production house who asked them to leave.
Now we hear that there's a different story to the entire episode.
Our source informs us that, "Jennifer and Gurucharan were not removed from the show but it was production call to replace them. It so happened that as Gurucharan Singh used to usually take care of the artists he was told by the people of the production unit that they are into cost cutting and Gurucharan has no right to interfere at all in this entire business. Gururcharan used to even get lunch box for the spot boys which didn't go well with producer Asit Modi at all. Guruchran and Asit Modi also had a fight over the contract as Gurucharan never wanted to sign a contract."
The source continued on the matter saying, "Things went sour when Asit Modi the Producer in his ego decided that he will not let Gurucharan do the show at any cost and he decided to replace Gurucharan by all means. During all the meetings Gurucharan would be humiliated to the core."
Talking about Jennifer our source says, "Jennifer is pregnant but she did not leave the show because she is expecting but because she was told by the producer to leave."
Asit Modi only cares about the two leads of the show Dilip Joshi and Disha Vakhani says the source, "The stars of the show are the two leads and he doesn't care whatever happens to other the actors who are quite miffed. Asit's ego hassles on the sets has lead to creative differences with his writers as well and because of that the writers too have left the show."
"We heard that his accountant also left him who was his right hand but Asit Modi doesn't care till he has Dilip Joshi and Disha Vakahni as they he feels they are makers and breakers of the show. The success of Asit Modi has made him rude, adamant and he has been removing people from the show" ended the source.
When we heard this story from our source we decided to talk to all parties concerned as only then it would be justified. When contacted Jennifer, she said, "Although I am pregnant I am fit and fine in my seventh month now. I would love to work, but it was the production house's call to replace me. I would like to tell all my fans that I love the show, Taarak Mehta... and I would have loved to continue."
Gururcharan Singh too said that he didn't want to quit, "Differences do happen, but they are sorted out as well. I didn't want to leave the show, but my replacement was decided by the production people. Amidst all this I have learnt a lot and would thank all my fans for loving and supporting me."
We also spoke to writer Rajan Uphadaya who said, "Creative difference are part and parcel of life and that happens in every production house. It's quite common and there were some issues, but then one has to move on and yes in every show there is always an important character but yes, for me all the actors and charterers are equally important."
Producer Asit Modi denied all the allegations saying, "I don't know from where these allegations are coming from. I have seen success way back and as far as Taarak Mehta… is concerned there are many new actors that I have roped in and, apart from Dilip Joshi none of them are experienced. For me this show is supreme, and I know what a team is, I don't care what others think, I have always been positive and shall be! The actors who are accusing me that I am egoistic have tasted success for the first time and not me. Replacements happen due to circumstances and it's been after four years that we decided to replace these actors."
He went on to justify, "I have made the show for my audience and I am answerable to my channel head. It's not just that only my leads are important… it's a team that makes a show popular and not just one person. Talking about the writers leaving the show there are some who have left but I still have a team of writers who happily work with me. I am positive and I don't want to comment anything further."
Well here's wishing team Taarak… all the glory and success!

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