TellyBuzz got in touch with Muskaan Mihani on her birthday today...

Happy Birthday to Muskaan Mihani!

Birthdays are special and this holds true for both young and the old. Birthdays take you down the memory lane and the excitement of celebrating this very special day. On the same we got in touch with the talented and gorgeous Muskaan Mihani on her birthday today to know more about her plans for the day and the way she wishes to celebrate it.

My Birthday plans for the day:

I am celebrating my birthday with my close ones which include my family and a very special person in my life. My day is full of getting pampered by my close ones and friends. Till now the day was pretty good, hope the rest day turns out to be good as well.

A perfect birthday according to me:

The day when you are with all your near and dear ones is the perfect birthday according to me.

The birthday gift that I will never forget:

I believe in Sai baba so the birthday gift that I will never forget has to be the Sai Baba Pendant given to me by my mother. I still have it with me and I often wear it, as it is lucky for me.

Memories of my best birthday year so far:

My best birthday so far was when I signed my first contract in this Television industry as an actor. My first project that  I took up was the daily soap Yeh Meri Life Hai.

The birthday year that I will never forget:

My 10th standard birthday year is unforgettable. I was sweet 16 and my mother gifted me a huge teddy bear which is even taller than me, yet. I still have it with me and will always keep it with me.

My wish for the coming year:

Well a future perfect birthday for me would be with my husband (smiles).

TellyBuzz wishes Muskaan Mihani a very happy Birthday!

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