High on drama are the upcoming episodes of Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki...

Problems in the mill industry in Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki

s High voltage drama to be seen in Swapna Waghmare's popular daily soap Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki on Colors', where we will see the problems faced in their mill.

Our sources confirmed the news saying, "As we had seen in the earlier episodes that Bhoomi (Shamin Mannan) suggests his brother Paddy (Ram Kapoor) to give the contract of making 300 shirts to Jai (Jay Soni) as he lost one contract and to make up to the expenses of the mill and the workers working in it he needed something immediately to come his way."

"Bhoomi makes her brother agree to this idea and hence he gives his contract of 300 shirts to Jai. But well there is a twist in the tale that will follow the storyline. As soon Jai begins to work on the contract that he has got, Amrutlal decided to create yet another problem for him."

"Furthermore we will see that Amrutlal immediately calls the electricity department and tells them that the electricity bills of the mill are still pending and that they should take an action over this situation. The electricity department cuts off the power due to which the production of the mill stops."

To know what happens next don't miss to watch Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki.

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