All the paris disguise themselves to get hold of the magic wand!

Baalveer to fight Bawander Pari!

Baal Veer on SAB TV is showing the story of how Bawandar Pari's (Deepiksha Nagpal) wand has dropped down in Dharti lok and all the paris are in tension that if Bawandar Pari finds out, she will destroy both the loks - dharti and pari lok.To protect them the paris will decide on a plan of action.
Our source informs us, "To get the wand back the paris will decide to disguise themselves and go to dharti lok, for which Natkhat Pari (Aditi Sajwan) will dress up as a Chinese women, while Dooba Dooba will disguise as a mad professor and get the wand from the kids. Amidst all this there will be cyclone and Natkhat Pari will see Bawandar Pari. A major fight will erupt between Baalveer (Dev Joshi) and Bawandar Pari."
"Finally Baalveer gets the wand, but they will fail to trap Bawandar Pari", ends the source.
When contacted Aditi Sajwan she said, "Natkhat Pari and Baalveer will fight Bawandar Pari as well as they will disguise themselves to snatch the wand from the kids."
This particular sequence will air in the coming week.

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