Ajay Chaudhary will soon be re-entering the show as the real Vishnu…

Ajay Chaudhary re-enters Uttaran!

Ajay Chaudhary, recently seen in Beyond Dreams' Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, Toh Kaisa Ishq on Life Ok as Akaash, is all set to re-enter Film Farm Productions' Uttaran on Colors. After the show witnessed a lot of high voltage drama, the entry of Ajay will take the show towards a happy note.
Our source informed us that, "After a lot of confusion about the real Vishnu in the story track of the show, things will soon get clarified with the comeback of Ajay Chaudhary as the real Vishnu. Currently, Meethi (Tina Dutta) is at her home after the truth of Aakash (Mrunal Jain) has been revealed. In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will get to see the comeback of the real Vishnu and his meeting with Mukta (Sreejita De) afterwards. He will feel bad to know about the happenings that took place in his absence. Things will sort out soon when Vishnu will go to meet Meethi at her house."
When we contacted Ajay, he confirmed the news saying, "Yes, I am re-entering the show and I have already started shooting for it. My negative character has ended in Junoon and my positive character is going to start in Uttaran. It's all going good."  
It will be interesting to watch as to how the drama unfolds after the comeback of the real Vishnu.

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