After Bharat Maa it is Geeta Maa who has maximum children - Ritesh

Everyone on the sets of India's Dancing Superstar wanted to meet Geeta Kapur.

During India's Dancing Superstar Dancer Trials a lot of contestants came on the show only to perform before the Judges. While most of them were happy to stand before the judges everyone had one common interest that was to meet Geeta Maa.
Be it kids; college children or adults all addressed the talented choreographer as Geeta Maa. While she has accepted to be mother of so many children this came as a huge shock to both her co- Judges of the show Ritesh and Ashley. In fact Ritesh also told Geeta Kapur " After Bharat Maa Geeta is the next mother in the country that has maximum children"
Geeta who was amused by his statement said, "It's very touching when the audience and fans come up to me with so much of love. I am sure soon I will become grandmother to their children."

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