Aamir Khan's trainer on India's Dancing Superstar!

Aamir Khan’s trainer David, who has trained the actor for his upcoming movie, was one of the contestants in the dance reality show by STAR Plus, India’s Dancing Superstar.

David who is from US came to India to train the actor for the long awaited movie Dhoom-3. The talented dancer gave the judges on the show, Ritesh Deshmukh,Geeta Kapur and Ashley Lobo tickles during his flawless performance.

David used a ring as a prop in the act and ensured that he didn't let the ring fall. This is not all... the judges were even more shocked to know that in his two years of stay in India he could speak Hindi very well.

In fact Geeta and Ritesh urged Ashley and David to have a hindi speaking competition. While everyone had a great time the judges were also extremely mesmerized by the unique act.

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