Telly celebs on celebrations of Gudi Padwa

Telly celebs on celebrations of Gudi Padwa

TellyBuzz chats with television celebrities about their way of celebrating the Maharashtrian New Year, Gudi Padwa...

The occasion Gudi Padwa marks the New Year for the Maharashtrian community. This festival is celebrated in various parts of the country with great enthusiasm. On this special occasion, families come together, eat delicious authentic food items and make new resolutions too. Gudi Padwa also is considered to be an auspicious day to bring home new things. We got in touch with television celebrities to know more about their plans of celebrating this festival.

Here's what they said...

Rucha Hasabnis: This year my parents are not in town for Gudi Padwa, so I will make Gudi myself this year. Since I will be shooting that day I will not have much time to do any other preparations but I am planning to try my hand at making the Maharashtrian delicacy Puran Poli (smiles).

Madhura Naik: I am celebrating Gudi Padwa in Thailand this time, away from home as I am shooting for my Bollywood film. This new year has big surprises for me. My New Year resolution this year will be not falling in love with the wrong men (laughs).

Hiten Tejwani: Yes, we do celebrate Gudi Padwa at home as Gauri is a Mahrashtrian. However, we don't celebrate it in a typical traditional style. We will be celebrating it with family and kids, as Gudi Padwa and Chetichand which is the Sindhi new year is the same. I don't wait for an occasion to make new resolutions (smiles).

Sneha Wagh:Gudi Padwa is a new year for Maharashtrians and as being one, I do celebrate it. I don't usually cook since my mom takes care of that part. She makes Shrikhand and Basundi at home, which is yummy and my favorite too. Hoping this Padwa brings lots of happiness and prosperity in our family.

Yashashri Masurkar: Gudi Padwa takes me back to my childhood, when we used to make gudi at home as my dad never believed in getting a ready made toran home. Mom used to make Shrikhand Puri. Since I stay alone here, I miss all that fun of  dressing up, making rangoli etc.

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