Sukirti Kandpal who plays Simran in Life OK’s latest love saga Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai…Ajab Sa Risk Hai talks

Sukirti to don Indian and Western look in her new show

Sukirti Kandpal who plays Simran in Life OK’s latest love saga Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai…Ajab Sa Risk Hai talks about her new show and how her fans will love her character.

About the show and my character – It is a love tale of two individuals who get together by fate, fall in love and true to the belief of love know no boundaries as they decide that their affection for each other will help them battle all odds and win over Rajveer's (played by Gaurav Bajaj) family. I play a modern, dynamic, independent young woman settled in Singapore who is pampered by her father. She falls in love with Rajveer who comes from a very conservative family in rural Haryana. Their hate at first sight soon turns into love and Simran decides to come to Haryana. I speak Hindi as my father in the show has been shown to be a Punjabi. In real life, I am from Bihar and have done a Bihari show and since I am a North Indian I can speak Haryanvi too.
I chose the show because – It shows me in both in a very Indian Haryanvi look and in a very Western look too and as an actor I can be seen in both the extremes which is not always possible in a single show. It's a character which I will have to work hard on and it comes naturally to me. I think it is a fresh show and I am at an age when I would want to do young shows. There are hardly any youth based channels left and thus too less of youth centric shows so I think it is not only my genre but also because I fit into it. I have lots of energy in me and I relate to the youth so much and probably after 4-5 years I may not relate so much to them so I think it is very natural for me to do this show now. After a certain age my ideas, my habits, my dress sense might change so this is what I want to do now and I am very comfortable in the western look which I have in real life and at the same time I am very comfortable in the Haryanvi look too.
For my Fans – I think it will be good for my fans to see me like as a bubbly, outgoing character. I don't want my fans to think I am taking up a regressive show. A lot of other actresses do many other shows which are far more regressive. Talking about Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai… Ajab Sa Risk Hai, I would like to say that eventually I will be seen in a very different look. The clothes I wear, the hair, accessories everything will be very modern. Also Simran, my character gets married for love, she doesn't marry to change herself. She is not changing herself… this is just an exterior change, it is just from outside and she doesn't change her personality. She is not taking a step back but she is taking a step forward in her life. She says marriage is an institution and she has herself chosen the person to marry. I don't believe that girls should make unnecessary adjustments but then there is something like mixing and gelling with people. She has been born and bought up abroad and she is not taking a step back because she is definitely not going to be scared or intimidated so she will try to educate Rajveer's family in a certain way. They have a limited mentality and it will take time for them to open up
Bollywood is too far away – Right in the middle of Pyaar ki Ek Kahaani… I represented India at the Miss India World Wide, 2011 pageant in Dubai and managed to be one of the top 10 contestants and even won the title Miss Bollywood Diva. However, it did not get me anything, it was just pure fun. Immediately after the pageant I was offered Bengali films but Hindi films are an eventual progression as it is. Also on TV if you are a known face, you get work very quickly whereas Bollywood is a process in itself and you have to understand everything.
On resembling Kangana – I have been told that I do look like Kangana Ranaut and for me it is just a resemblance and nothing else. I always had curly hair since I was a kid and I always looked like this and suddenly one fine day people start comparing you with someone. I think it is very difficult when there is any obvious comparison and I don't take pride in any such comparison. I am a very different person and have an amazing personality and don't get overshadowed by anyone.

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