looking for something fresh in India's Dancing Superstar

We will be looking for something fresh in India's Dancing Superstar

Says Geeta Kapoor, who is all set to judge Star Plus’ upcoming dance reality show India’s Dancing Superstar…

Amongst the many dance reality shows, Star Plus' brings forth a new dance platform for dancers of all age group who will give tough competition to each other to fight for getting the tag of India's Dancing Superstar. The dancers will be judged by Bollywood Actor Ritesh Deshmukh, choreographers Geeta Kapur and Ashley Lobo.
TellyBuzz spoke to the judge of the show, Geeta Kapur to know more about her experience and her strategy of judging the contestants.
Tell us something about the scope for dance today?
Opportunities are more in this field. One need not be highly educated to do something like this. Education is also important at the same time because there is a certain science that even we apply while choreographing. The perception is changing. Now people are thinking that dancing could be a career option. Kids have started attending dance classes more. A lot of dance schools have opened up.
What role does dance play in one's life?
It depends on how you take dance. If you need dance for your happiness then it will bring you that; if you are dancing to take all your frustration out then it can do exactly that for you. It depends how you take dance as a part of your life and accordingly you will mould yourself in it.
What's your take on the dance reality shows like India's Dancing Superstar?
These kind of reality shows give every common man an opportunity to prove their talent and get somewhere. Platforms like this, encourages them. This is one of the nicest platforms I have seen.
What is the judging strategy which all three of you are going to follow?
We have divided the criteria of judging the dancers amongst us. Ashley is very technical because his training has been very formal. We are informally trained people. Ashley is going to look at the technical side of dancing, I will be looking at the emotional connectivity of the people as well as the dance as how they can connect to the audiences and Ritesh will be judging from the entertainment point of view. There might come a time when our options will clash but at the end of the day we are going to look for something fresh. If that factor is there in someone then we will come to a decision amongst ourselves.
What is dance according to you?
Dance to me is very important. I am who I am today just because of dance.

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