Arbaaz Khan takes his brother Sohail Khan’s place in Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe

Arbaaz Khan is the new judge in Comedy Circus

Arbaaz Khan takes his brother Sohail Khan’s place in Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe

Even as Sohail Khan gets busy with his upcoming venture Mental, the empty chair next to Archana Puran Singh in Comedy Circus gets a new face. And that face is none other than Sohail's brother film maker Arbaaz Khan.
Known for his Dabaang movies, Arbaaz follows the footsteps of his brother Sohail and wife Malaika Arora Khan who have been seen judging shows earlier. Arbaaz says he is looking forward to judging Comedy Circus, "I have been approached earlier too for judging shows on Television but had never had the time or inclination but when it was for Comedy Circus I asked Sohail who also was of the opinion that I should do it and here I am. I really am looking forward to watching the acts and judging the participants. I have watched Comedy Circus earlier and more so now when it was finalized that I would be doing it."
Arbaaz who looks stern on the outside maintains that it is very easy to make him laugh, "I look serious all the time and I guess even the promos show as if it is very difficult to make me laugh but believe me it is very easy for me to crack up. I find humor in small things."
But that is not the case with his wife, the glam-diva Malaika, "She cracks a joke or a one-liner very, very rarely and when she does I tell her, 'tumhara pure saal ka quota ho gaya' and we end up laughing on that."
Even his co-judge on the show Archana Puran Singh who has been consistent on the show for the past six years is happy to have Arbaaz next to him, "I have always been blamed for other judges leaving the show but believe me I miss them all. And amongst all of them, I will miss Sohail the most so it is a big relief for me that his brother Arbaaz has come to fill in that space."
Keep watching Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe for a rip-roaring time over the weekends.

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