April-May 2013 - Sneak Peak What’s Next on your favorite shows (Future Story of Colors, Zee, Sony, Star Plus, LifeOk)

Hey, have you guys heard the new song “khun chuse lu tuh mera khun chus…… khooni monday tu mera khun chus le” well and have you also empathize with the song saying “So True”?

Whatever the answer is but are you more puzzled about why am I asking this? Welll simple my lovely audience, because your television understands your Monday blues and thus offers a week full of entertainment with your favorite dailies.

So whats happening in your daily shows? Well, we have a sneak peak especially for you. Have a look sit back, enjoy and let your tensions leave you with the help of your favorite shows. Let them do all the worry, take the tensions and cry their wits out.

Uttaran – Unaware Meethi
One of the strongest Pillar in Uttaran ‘Iccha’ has died and Meethi due to the conspiracy of her In-Laws is unaware of this fact.
While everyone is sad and shaken upon the news and are preparing for the funeral rituals, Meethi still unaware is celebrating an unknown cause. When and how will now Meethi know about this and what will be her reaction?

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 – Reunion or Re fight?
Addu was the reason that Mohan and Megha drifted apart and his first clue is proving to be the reason of their reunion. But would this small seed of happiness grow into a plant or Addu’s master plan to destroy Mohan, will destroy everything?

Badalte risthon ki dastaan -
Checkmate or Gameover?
Balraj has been calling all shots in his family but now his support towards Meera and his unborn grand child is earning opposition from all the family members.Whatever game plan that Balraj has in his mind can go topsy-turvy in a split second predicting his behaviour, he definitely has a few more tricks under his sleeve, so what and how?

– All’s not Well
Rano is finally doing the maths of 1+1, she has begun to realize the influence of Anamika around her and that mishaps that are occurring could be her doing.Well, now it depends on her and only her to solve this self-created mystery and get Jeet, family and herself out of this mess. Although that seems a long distance away right now we are wondering what’s next?

– BFF’s
It’s the same old story. They fight, they Make up. The couple fight like cats and dogs, then one faithful day the hero saves the heroine and ‘tadaa’ they are Best Friends Forever.

Now the BFF’s are put to test. What their fight was not able to do for the show may be their friendship can do i.e. bring in some better TRP’s. The love step is just a few steps away, so will all go well or will all be in a deep well?

– Love vs Dream
Bani is trying hard to maintain the equilibrium between the two families after what happened.Now, with her sister’s wedding with a NRI the burden of her mother’s similar Dream for her is more than ever, but this is not it the guy that she likes might propose her this week. So what will be her decision now Love or Dream?

Ye Ristha Kya Kehlata hai
– Redefining Love
The show is currently showing Akshara and Naitik fighting for one or the other reason. Also the promo with small Akshara and Naitik claiming a new beginning of their love.
Will the promise of this new beginning, begin?

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
- Mayank vs Charu
After her complaint against the family, everybody is apprehensive about her but charu doesn’t care as she has the ultimate weapon of complain.

To stop all this Mayank is all set to be sugar coated for his beloved wife, on the other hand a new guy has entered in Gunjan’s life. what turns would their lives take now?

Qubool Hai-
Asad and Zoya’s engagement
Zoya loves Asad, Asad loves Zoya so what is the trouble? No trouble my dear audience now they are gonna be engaged, so what if the engagement is just to fool and allow Zoya to stay in India.
The fun has begun, from cooking up a fake story to maintaining and enacting it. Zoya and Asad are trapped badly in it, so will this trap ease their relatiionship or strain it?

Happy Days are here again
Indeed happy days are here again for Ram and Priya, with a new hope on the horizon the suspense that is killing us all is what is gonna happen next.
The promo show a cute little happy world, is it preparation for another Leap or just cutness before alll the tears and fights that about to begin?

Sanskaar -
Testing Times
Remember those days when exams or presentations were on your head and you don’t feel well? Hmmm well guess our TV actors also go through that phase.Bhumi’s challenge is to clean the whole place which readily agress despite her health, so will she pass the test and win hearts or it could be her first mistake?

So, are the tuesday’s blues a little lighter? The shows are ready are you? Do tell us, which show you will love to see? Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions

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